Correction to: Farella, J., Moore, J., Arias, J., & Elliot-Engel, J. (2021). Framing Indigenous Identity Inclusion in Positive Youth Development: Proclaimed Ignorance, Partial Vacuum, and the Peoplehood Model. Journal of Youth Development, 16(4), 1-25.

Kate Walker


There were mistakes in two citations. The original article can be found via the DOI: The year and title were corrected for Farella, J., Hauser, M., Parrott, A., Moore, J. D., Penrod, M., & Elliott-Engel, J. (2021). 4-H Youth development programming in Indigenous communities: A critical review of cooperative extension literature. Journal of Extension, 59(3), Article 7. The year was corrected for: Farella, J., Moore, J., & Arias, J. (2021). Applying the Peoplehood Model: A model for assessing Indigenous identity inclusion in extension programming (AZ1909-2020). University of Arizona Cooperative Extension.

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