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Cochran, Graham, Ohio State University Extension
Cohen, Alison K., University of San Francisco, School of Management, Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration (United States)
Cohen, Shelly, Stony Brook University
Colwell, Malinda J., Texas Tech University
Combee, Paige E., University of Florida
Conn, Robert, SMARTRISK
Connors, Lindsay Carpenter, Fitchburg State University
Contreras, Mariah M., Tufts University
Cooper, Steven R., Oklahoma State University
Corliss, Aimee L., Oregon State University
Cousineau, Luc S., University of Waterloo (Canada)
Cowan, Janice, Oregon State University Extension Service
Cowger, Tina, West Virginia University
Cox, Charles, Oklahoma State University
Cox, Donna Hardy, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cox, Ronald B., Oklahoma State University
Crabtree-Groff, Kris, Briar Cliff University
Crawford, Marcus, University of Texas at Arlington
Crepeau-Hobson, Franci, University of Colorado, Denver
Crooks, Claire, The University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Croymans, Sara R., University of Minnesota Extension
Cubilla, I. C., The George Washington University
Cuevas, Teresita, University of Delaware
Culen, Gerald R., University of Florida
Culpepper, Miniard, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Cumming, Sean P., University of Washington
Cummings, Jason, California Polytechnic State University
Curry, Elizabeth, Kansas State University
Cuthill, Michael, University of Queensland
Cutucache, Christine E., University of Nebraska Omaha


D'Eloia, Melissa H., California State University – Long Beach
Dale, Timothy M., University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Daly, Jennifer, University of Rhode Island
Damhorst, Mary Lynn, Iowa State University
Daryani, Ritesh, Seattle Pacific University
Davis, Jacqueline L., University of British Columbia (Canada)
Davis, Jamie, Oregon State University
Davis, Jamie M., Oregon State University
Davis, Katie, University of Washington
Dawson, Patricia A., Oregon State University
Dawson, Patricia, Oregon State University
de Guzman, Maria Rosario T., Department of Child, Youth & Family Studies University of Nebraska-Lincoln
de Guzman, Maria Rosario T., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
de la Rosa, Iván A., New Mexico State University
Dearing, Eric, University of Wyoming
DeBates, Debra A., South Dakota State University
Deen, Mary Katherine, Washington State University (United States)
Defore, Amber B., University of Georgia Extension Service
Del Sesto, Sandra Puerini, Initiatives for Human Development
Delahanty, Terrence J., Independent Consultant

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