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Gaudreault, Karen Lux, University of New Mexico (United States)
Gebeke, Deb, North Dakota State University Extension
Gee, Kevin A., School of Education, University of California, Davis (United States)
Geiser, Kristin, Stanford University
Geldhof, G. John, Oregon State University
Gerdes, Jennifer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
Gibson, Allison, The Ohio State University
Gibson, Heather, University of Florida
Gieng, John, San Jose State Univeristy (United States)
Gifford, Craig A., New Mexico State University
Gile Thomas, April, Univesity of Texas at El Paso, Department of Psychology (United States)
Gillard, Ann, Texas A&M University
Gillard, Ann, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (United States)
Gillespie, Donna R., University of Idaho Extension, Minidoka County
Gillespie, Donna R., University of Idaho Extension
Gillespie, Tammy, University of Missouri Extension
Gimeno, Lorena, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (Spain)
Giordono, Leanne S., Oregon State University (United States)
Glant, Lauren, ALLINBKLYN (United States)
Glickman, Samantha A., Tufts University
Gliske, Kate, University of Minnesota (United States)
Glover, Troy D., University of Waterloo (Canada)
Go, Charles, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (United States)
Goff, Jennifer, Old Dominion University
Goldberg, Rebecca, S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation (United States)
Goldenberg, Linda, Casey Family Services
Goldenberg, Marni, California Polytechnic State University
Goldstein-Gelb, W., The Welcome Project
Golombek, Silvia Blitzer, Youth Service America
Gomez, Belinda I., U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research
Gómez, Edwin, Old Dominion University
Goncy, Elizabeth A., Virginia Commonwealth University
Gonzalez, Maru, North Carolina State University, Agricultural and Human Sciences (United States)
Good, Tillie, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
Goodwin, Jeff, Colorado State University
Gordillo, Paola K., Texas Christian University, College of Education (United States)
Gordon, Barrie, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Gordon, David, University of Maryland Extension 4-H Youth Development and Agriculture
Gordon, Kathy, University of Maryland Extension
Grandgenett, Neal, University of Nebraska Omaha
Grandgenett, Neal, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Grant, Natalie, Wichita State University
Grant, Samantha, University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Youth Development (United States)
Green, Jeremy, Oregon State University
Green, Jeremy W., Oregon State University
Greene, Audra Holmes, Casey Family Services
Greene, Imaani, Drexel University
Greenhalgh, Linden, Utah State University Extension
Greenwood, Jerusha, California Polytechnic State University
Griffin, Sarah F., Clemson University
Griffith, Aisha, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Griffith, Matt, VOX Teen Communications
Groff, Philip R., SMARTRISK
Grossman, Jennifer, Wellesley College
Grossman, Jennifer M., Wellesley Centers for Women
Guerra, Andres (United States)
Guild, Jessica, University of California Santa Cruz
Guin, Autumn, North Carolina State University
Guion, Lisa A., University of Florida
Guion, Lisa A., North Carolina State University
Guisse, Bineta K., Feed the Future Senegal Youth in Agriculture, Virginia Tech (Senegal)
Gunter, Katherine B., Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Sciences (United States)
Gur, Shahar, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Gurdal, Sevtap, University West, Trollhättan (Sweden)
Gwinn, Kimberly, University of Tennessee (United States)


Haddock, Shelley, Colorado State University (United States)
Haddock, Shelley A., Colorado State University (United States)
Hagler, Matthew, University of Massachusetts Boston
Hall, Georgia S., National Institute on Out-of-School Time Wellesley College (United States)
Hall, Georgia, Wellesley College
Haller, Willaim, Clemson University
Halpin, Mary Ann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ham, Heidi, National AfterSchool Association (United States)
Hampton, Amy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Hampton, Jacqui, Unitec Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
Hand, Taryn, University of Oregon
Haney, Deanna M., Seattle Pacific University
Hankemeier, Sara, University of Illinois Extension
Hanlon, Alexandra, University of Pennsylvania
Hanna, Andrew Leon, Duke University
Hans, Jason D., University of Kentucky
Hanson, Kari, MGS Consulting, Inc.
Harper, P. Thandi Hicks, Youth Popular Cuture Institute, Inc.
Harper, Stacy, WVUES Energy Express
Harper, Vanessa, University of Delaware
Harper Browne, Charlyn, Center for the Study of Social Policy (United States)
Harrington, Rebecca, University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Youth Development
Harrington, Rebecca, University of Minnesota Extension
Harris, Andy, Utah State University (United States)
Harris, Josey M., Lenoir City High School
Harris, Victor W., Utah State University
Harris, Jr., John C., Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School (United States)
Harrist, Christopher J., Texas A&M University
Harrod, Nicholas, George Washington University
Hart, Daniel, Institute for Educational Effectiveness, Rutgers University-Camden
Hart, Doug, Oregon State University
Hartman, Cindy L., University of New Hampshire (United States)
Hashikawa, Andrew, Departments of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, Michigan Medicine
Hassan, Noor Mohamed (United States)
Hawley, Kyle R., University of Minnesota
Hawley, Leslie, Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (United States)
Hays, Lonna, ICF
Healy, Elise, Research Utilization: Global Health, Population, and Nutrition, FHI 360
Heavner, Janice, West Virginia University Extension Service
Hedrick, Jason, Ohio State University Extension
Hedrick, Jason A., The Ohio State University Extension, Putnam County
Hegarty, C. Boyd, Independent Creativity Reseacher (United States)
Hein, Wendy, Oregon State University (United States)
Hemphill, Michael A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro (United States)
Henderson, Elizabeth, Duke University
Henderson, Karla A.
Henderson, Karla A., North Carolina State University
Hendricks, William, California Polytechnic State University
Hendriks, Sarah, UN Women
Hennessey, Katharine A., Texas Christian University, College of Education (United States)
Hensley, Sarah T., University of Florida, IFAS Extension 4-H (United States)
Hernandez-Gifford, Jennifer A., New Mexico State University
Herrera, Carla, Independent Researcher
Hershberg, Rachel M., Tufts University
Hershberg, Rachel M., University of Washington
Hertzog, Jodie
Hickerson, Benjamin D., The Pennsylvania State University
Hicks, Karen, Unitec Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
Hicks, Kelly, West Virginia University Extension Service
Higginbotham, Brian J., Utah State University
Higginbotham, Brian J.
Higgins, Chad, West Virginia University Extension Service
Hill, Darcie, Western Washington University
Hill, Eddie, Old Dominion University
Hill, Sherika, Duke University Medical Center (United States)
Hilliard, Lacey J., Tufts University (United States)
Hilliard, Lacey J., Tufts University
Himelstein, Rima, Crozer-Keystone Health System
Hinga, Briana M., University of California, Irvine
Hipolito-Delgado, Carlos P., University of Colorado Denver
Hirano, Kara, College of Education, Illinois State University
Hirsch, Joshua, The Weiss School
Ho, Edward, Bach Harrison, L.L.C.
Hoang, Haco, California Lutheran University
Hobson, Hartley
Hoerr, Kara, Iowa State University
Hoffman, Katie J., University of Idaho Extension
Hollingsworth, Steven Bernard, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Holmgren, Lyle N., Utah State University
Homan, Dustin, Ohio State University Extension, 4-H Youth Development (United States)
Homan, Greg, Ohio State University Extension
Homan, Greg, Wright State University Lake Campus
Homan, Greg, Wright State University Extension Lake Campus
Horrillo, Shannon J., University of Nevada, Reno Extension (United States)
Horst, Megan A., Abt Assoicates, Inc.

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