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Ma, Ting-Lan, School of Liberal Arts, Education, and the Sciences; Edgewood College
Maass, Sarah, Kansas State University Research and Extension
MacDonnell, Marisa, Montclair State University
MacGregor, James, Southern Connecticut State University
Mack, Timothy, Northern Illinois University
Majors, Amber, Village of Wisdom
Mallett Moore, Erica, University of Washington
Maltese, Adam V., Indiana University Bloomington
Mangia, Julia, Georgia State University
Manning, Alison Stein, Brown University, Departments of Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Manore, Melinda M., Oregon State University
Mansfield, Joan, Harvard Medical School; Joslin Diabetes Center
Manzano-Sanchez, Harold, Universidad del Valle, Institute of Education and Pedagogy
Marchand, Aixa D., Rhodes College
Martin, Katlyn, McGill University; Indiana University
Martin, Margaret, Los Angeles, California
Martinez, AnaMaria Diaz, Washington State University
Marttinen, Risto, George Mason University
Martz, Jill, Texas A&M University
Maslow, Gary, Duke University Medical Center
Maslow, Gary, Duke University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Maslow, Gary, Duke University, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Massey, Kamaria C., Morgan State University
Matarrita-Cascante, David, Texas A&M University
Matarrita-Cascante, David, Texas A&M University, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
Mathews, Channing J., North Carolina State University
Matthews, Alysha, Michigan State University
Maul, Andrew, University of California Santa Barbara
Mayorga, Brigette, University of Toronto
Mazloomdoost, Yasmin, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health
McCabe, Michael, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
McCarthy, Kimberly J., The Pennsylvania State University
McCaughtry, Nate, Wayne State University
McCullick, Bryan A., University of Georgia
McDaniel, Monica, Augsburg College
McDavid, Martha Lindley, Evaluation and Learning Research Center, Purdue University
McDonald, Deborah, West Virginia University Extension Service
McDonald Pridgeon, Keri, The Center for Black Women's Wellness
McGarrie, Lisa, Georgia State University, Georgia Health Policy Center
McGarry, Shannon, International Youth Foundation (IYF)
McGlaughlin, Patricia, University of Illinois Extension
McGovern, Gina, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
McGuire, Jenifer K., Department of Family Social Science University of Minnesota
McIntyre, Darlene, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
McKee, Katherine E., North Carolina State University, Agricultural and Human Sciences
McKenny, Monique Chanel, University of Miami
McLaughlin, Brenda, National Comprehensive Center at Westat
Medina, Dirdra
Meeker, Ian B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension
Meemaduma, Rehan Devanjith, University of West London
Melton, Theresa N., University of Guam
Memili, Erdogan, Mississippi State University
Mendez, Brittany
Mendoza, Genevieve, University of Florida
Mercier, Jayne, Unitec Institute of Technology
Merpert, Ariel, Clubes TED-Ed - TEDxRiodelaPlata, Buenos Aires
Metzger, Isha, University of Georgia
Meza, Brianna, California State University, Fullerton
Michael, Shane T., University of Florida, IFAS Extension 4-H
Michaels, Amelia R., The Ohio State University
Michl-Petzing, Louisa, University of Minnesota
Mihai, Simona Eugenia, World Vision Romania
Millares Forno, Carla Andrea, Texas Tech University
Miller, Ishmael A., University of Washington, Seattle
Miller, JoLynn C., University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
Miller, JoLynn C., University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (United States)
Miller-Cribbs, Julie, Anne & Henry Zarrow School of Social Work, University of Oklahoma
Minney, Dana, Texas State University
Miranda-Díaz, Miriam, Portland State University
Mishraky-Javier, Lisa, Center for the Study of Social Policy
Mistry, Jayanthi, Tufts University
Mitchell, Claire, Albion College
Mitchell, Claire E., Montana State University
Mitchell-Hawkins, Vernelle, University of Maryland Extension
Mock, Steven E., University of Waterloo
Moffit, Miles, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Mohamed, Miski, Kajoog 4-H
Molina, Michelle, Connecting Evidence
Mölkänen, Jenni, University of Helsinki
Moncloa, Fe, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Monte Verde, Philip, Nazareth College
Moore, Audrey Marie, Mathematica Policy Research
Moore, Eva, University of British Columbia
Moore, Joshua, University of Arizona
Moore, Renita, Georgia State University
Moorhead, Cari A. E., University of New Hampshire
Moratto-Vásquez, Nadia Semenova, Department of Psychology, Universidad CES
Moroney, Deborah A., American Institutes for Research
Moroney, Deborah A., American Institutes for Research (AIR) (United States)
Morris, Jamie, University of Maryland Extension, 4-H Youth Development
Morris, Kevin N., Institute for Human-Animal Connection, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver
Morris, Nicholas A., Kent State University at Stark
Morris, Staci Leon, Florida International University
Mueller, Megan K., Institute for Human-Animal Interaction and Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Mull, Casey D., University of Georgia Extension
Murray, Colleen, UNICEF
Mutonyi, Phoebe, Anyaka Makwiri and The Aids Support Organization (TASO) Gulu
Myers, Stephanie, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension

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