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Case, Amanda S., Purdue University (United States)
Catalano, Richard F., Social Development Research Group, School of Social Work, University of Washington (United States)
Cater, Melissa, Louisiana State University Ag Center
Cater, Melissa, Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation, Louisiana State University
Cater, Melissa, Louisiana State University, Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation
Cater, Melissa, Louisiana State University
Caudill, Leann E., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Cecil, Connie, Colorado State University
Centeio, Erin Elizabeth, University of Hawaii at Manoa (United States)
Chahil, Sandeep, Seattle Pacific University
Chamberlain, Rachel, Search Institute
Champine, Robey B., Yale University
Champine, Robey B., Tufts University
Chan, Alexander E., University of Maryland Extension
Chan, Alexander E., University of Maryland (United States)
Chaney, Beth H., Department of Health Education and Promotion, East Carolina University (United States)
Chang, Arena, University of California, Irvine
Chang, Lei, University of Macau (China)
Charmaraman, Linda, Wellesley Centers for Women
Charmaraman, Linda, Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College
Chase, Paul A., Tufts University
Chase, Paul, Tufts University
Chauveron, Lisa M., Montclair State University
Chauveron, Lisa M., The Leadership Program
Cheeseman, Kelly A., University of Delaware
Chen, Kong, School of Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services, University of Northern Iowa
Chiarella, Cristina, University of California, Davis
Chittle, Laura, University of Windsor (Canada)
Cho, Eunbyul, Seoul National University
Christensen, Darlene, Utah State University Extension
Christiansen, Elise DiDenti, Boston College
Christman, Kimberly A., University of Illinois Extension
Christophe, N. Keita, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Chugani, Nalini Bajaj, Education Development Center (United States)
Cingel, Drew P., Northwestern University
Claassen, Jennette, Playworks, Inc (United States)
Clanton, Thomas, Young Harris College
Clark, Brent, West Virginia University Extension Service
Clark, Debbie, Old Dominion University
Clark-Shim, Hyuny, Portland State University
Clark-Shim, Hyuny, Portland State University (United States)
Clarke, Megan, Duke University, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Clary, Christy D., The Ohio State University (United States)
Clary, Christy D., Ohio State University Extension, Brown County
Clary, Christy, Ohio 4-H Youth Development, Ohio State University Extension (United States)
Cleary, S. D., The George Washington University
Clements, Ben, University of Vermont Medical Center (United States)
Clemons, Rachael Lee Ficke, Rhode Island College (United States)
Cobb, Nila, WVU Cabell County Extenstion
Cochran, Graham, Ohio State University Extension
Cohen, Alison K., University of San Francisco, School of Management, Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration (United States)
Cohen, Shelly, Stony Brook University
Colvin, Sharon, University of Maryland, College Park
Colwell, Malinda J., Texas Tech University
Combee, Paige E., University of Florida
Conn, Michael, Student Research Foundation
Conn, Robert, SMARTRISK
Connors, Lindsay Carpenter, Fitchburg State University
Contreras, Mariah M., Tufts University
Cooke, Krysta, University of Toronto
Cooper, Steven R., Oklahoma State University
Copeland, William E., College of Medicine, University of Vermont (United States)
Corliss, Aimee L., Oregon State University
Cousineau, Luc S., University of Waterloo (Canada)
Cowan, Janice, Oregon State University Extension Service
Cowger, Tina, West Virginia University
Cox, Carol, Truman State University
Cox, Charles, Oklahoma State University
Cox, Donna Hardy, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cox, Ronald B., Oklahoma State University
Crabtree-Groff, Kris, Briar Cliff University
Crawford, Marcus, University of Texas at Arlington
Crepeau-Hobson, Franci, University of Colorado, Denver
Cronk, Heather, Community Organizer (United States)
Crooks, Claire, The University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Croymans, Sara R., University of Minnesota Extension
Cubilla, I. C., The George Washington University
Cuevas, Teresita, University of Delaware
Cuevas-Parra, Patricio, World Vision International
Culen, Gerald R., University of Florida
Culpepper, Miniard, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Cumming, Jennifer, University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Cumming, Jennifer, The University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
Cumming, Sean P., University of Washington
Cummings, Jason, California Polytechnic State University
Cummins, Melissa M., Washington State University
Cunningham, Joy, Research Utilization: Global Health, Population, and Nutrition, FHI 360
Curry, Elizabeth, Kansas State University
Cushman, Jennifer E., University of Connecticut
Cushman, Jennifer E., University of Connecticut (United States)
Cuthill, Michael, University of Queensland
Cutucache, Christine E., University of Nebraska Omaha


D'Eloia, Melissa H., California State University – Long Beach
Dabney, Katherine P., Virginia Commonwealth University
Dailey, Erin S., The Ohio State University (United States)
Dale, Timothy M., University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Daly, Jennifer, University of Rhode Island
Damhorst, Mary Lynn, Iowa State University
Dariotis, Jacinda K., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (United States)
Daryani, Ritesh, Seattle Pacific University
Datta, Nitin, International Center for Research on Women, Asia (India)
Davey, Fiona, Pima County Cooperative Extension; Tucson Village Farm (United States)
Davis, Emily M., Mississippi State University (United States)
Davis, Jacqueline L., University of British Columbia (Canada)
Davis, Jamie, Oregon State University
Davis, Jamie M., Oregon State University
Davis, Katie, University of Washington
Dawson, Patricia A., Oregon State University
Dawson, Patricia, Oregon State University
de Four, Duane, Higher Education Program, University of Massachusetts Boston (United States)
de Guzman, Maria Rosario T., Department of Child, Youth & Family Studies University of Nebraska-Lincoln
de Guzman, Maria Rosario T., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
de la Rosa, Iván A., New Mexico State University
Dearing, Eric, University of Wyoming
Deater-Deckard, Kirby, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (United States)
DeBates, Debra A., South Dakota State University
Deen, Mary Katherine, Washington State University (United States)
Defore, Amber B., University of Georgia Extension Service
DeHudy, Ashley, Cherry Creek Pediatrics (United States)
Del Bianco, Veronica, Louisiana State University, Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation
Del Sesto, Sandra Puerini, Initiatives for Human Development
Delahanty, Terrence J., Independent Consultant
DeMand, Alexandra, Child Trends
Denissen Cunnien, Kari, Ignite Afterschool Minnesota's Afterschool Network (United States)
Dennis, Lisa M., University of Maryland
Deringer, Nancy C., University of Idaho
DeSilva, Angela M., Boston College
DeSouza, Lisette M., Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College (United States)
DeSouza, Lisette, National Institute on Out-of-School Time Wellesley College
Dewitt, Corbin, Oklahoma State University
Di Giunta, Laura, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
Diaz, Angela, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center (United States)
Diaz, Elizabeth M., Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
Díaz, Lelys Dinarte, Development Research Group, The World Bank (United States)
Diaz Carrasco, Claudia P., University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (United States)
Diaz Carrasco, Claudia P., University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Diaz Carrasco, Claudia, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (United States)
Dick, Jeff, The Ohio State University Extension, Williams County
Dick, Jeff, Ohio State University Extension
Dickman-Burnett, Victoria, Consumer Research 84.51
Diem, Keith G., Oregon State University Extension Service
Diemer, Matthew A., University of Michigan
Dietrich, Deborah, Penn State Extension (United States)
Digby, Janel K., Elmwood Local Schools - Bloomdale, OH
DiGiacomo, Daniela Kruel, University of Kentucky
Dillard, Rebecca, The Ohio State University, College of Social Work
DiNallo, Jennifer M., The Pennsylvania State University
Dino, Geri, West Virginia University School of Public Health
Diouf, Fatou, Feed the Future Senegal Youth in Agriculture, Virginia Tech (Senegal)
Dirga, Ali Ann Y., Willamette University

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