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Bowers, Edmond P., Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Clemson University
Bowers, Edmond P., Clemson University
Bowers, Edmond P., Clemson University (United States)
Bowman, Sally, Oregon State University Extension Service
Bowne, Mary T., South Dakota State University
Boyd, Barry L., Texas A&M University
Boyd, Barry, Texas A&M University
Boyd, Heather H., Virginia Tech
Boyd, Michelle J., Tufts University
Boyd, Michelle J., Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Boyd, Michelle, Society for Research in Child Development
Bradford, Kay, Utah State University
Bradshaw, L. Daniele, Liberty University School of Education
Brandt, Brian, WSU Pierce County Extension, Tacoma, WA
Brandt, Brian, Washington State University
Brandt, Brian, Washington State University, Pierce County Extension 4-H
Braun, Bonnie, University of Maryland
Brennan, M. A., The University of Florida
Brennan, M. A., The Pennsylvania State University
Brennan, Mark A., Pennsylvania State University
Bridgeman, Beth, Ohio State University Extension
Brill, Michelle F., Rutgers
Britner, Preston A., University of Connecticut
Brock, Barbara, Eastern Washington University
Brody, Barbara Bromley, Oregon State University (United States)
Broomfield-Massey, Kimberly, Emstar Research, Inc. (United States)
Brotkin, Samuel, Duke University, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (United States)
Brotkin, Samuel, Duke University, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences (United States)
Brower, Naomi, Utah State University
Brown, Aishia A., University of Louisville, School of Public Health & Information Sciences
Brown, Jennifer Southwick, Cornell University
Brown, Lindsey, SUNY Cortland
Brown, Terran, Seattle Pacific University
Brown, Virginia, University of Maryland Extension (United States)
Brown, Virginia, University of Maryland Extension
Browne, Laurie P., California State University, Chico
Browne, Laurie P., American Camp Association
Brubaker, Sarah Jane, Virginia Commonwealth University
Bryant, Marie J.
Bryant, Marie Jolliff, Korrnell Academy
Buckingham, Mary H., Tufts University
Buher-Kane, Jennifer, University of Pennsylvania
Bunch, J. C., Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation, Louisiana State University
Bunnell, JoLene, Utah State University Extension
Bunnell, Jolene, Utah State University
Burk, Brooke, Minnesota State University, Mankato (United States)
Burkhalter, Robin, University of Waterloo
Burkhard, Brian M., Tufts University
Burnett, Bill B., Community Partnership of Southern Arizona
Burrow, Anthony L., Department of Human Development, Cornell University

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