YA4-H! Youth Advocates for Health: Teens as Teachers

Jeffrey M. Flesch, Joy R. Lile, Mary E. Arnold


Although the research literature speaks to the necessity of having a high-quality training curriculum for teens as teachers (TAT) programs, there are very few TAT training curricula available to practitioners. This review provides practitioners with a preview of the Youth Advocates for Health (YA4-H!) TAT training curriculum. The YA4-H! TAT training curriculum exposes teens to several domains necessary to teach younger youth effectively, such as getting to know their audience, preparing to teach, teaching tips and tools, reflection and evaluation time, and recruitment strategies to help practitioners select youth to teach. Drawing from published research including Lee and Murdock’s (2001) work on best practices for preparing teen teachers to teach, this review presents an overview of the lesson categories included in the YA4-H! TAT training curriculum.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/jyd.2015.414

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