4-H “Survivor” Camp: A Real-to-Life Experience in Living on Your Own


  • Carole Smith Oregon State University Extension Service
  • Janice Cowan Oregon State University Extension Service
  • Debera Schreiber Oregon State University Extension Service




In recent years many school district budgets have been reduced. Essential life skill classes, such as home economics and personal finance, have been eliminated leaving youth unprepared to live on their own. 4-H Survivor Camp was developed to meet this need. Survivor Camp provides the opportunity for youth to learn and practice basic life skills needed to make a successful transition from high school to young adulthood. The camp is based on seven core lessons: Living on a Budget, Renting an Apartment, Living with a Roommate, Food Preparation, Career Preparation, Self Awareness and Personal Reflection. Evaluation results show that youth who have participated in the program feel more prepared to face the realities of living on their own. The value of this curriculum is that it is adaptable for youth anywhere and in a variety of settings. This article discusses the real-to-life experiences taught at the camp and the related life skills reinforced.






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