Expanding 4-H Horizons Livestock Leader Guides


  • Doug Hart Oregon State University
  • Alexa Lamm Colorado State University
  • Connie Cecil Colorado State University
  • Jim Wilson University of Idaho
  • Brett Kaysen Colorado State University




What does a 4-H volunteer do when a child asks to start a project they don’t know anything about? The Expanding 4-H Horizons Swine Leader Guide offers information and activities that can be used by anyone in a club or clinic setting. A team of western regional extension professionals have created and piloted a user friendly tool that can be utilized by 4-H leaders and state/county extension staff. The swine specific manual is the first of four being created that will eventually offer information and activities for the beef, sheep and goat projects. This series of leaders guides are being created to serve as a useful tool that can be utilized across a variety of counties and states by supplementing already existing member manuals. With this curriculum, adults will be able to conduct highly effective activities that emphasize project skills, life skill learning, the experiential learning model and 4-H SET.






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