Resource Review: Breakout EDU


  • Rachel Bayer University of Maryland Extension
  • Catherine Sorenson University of Maryland Extension



game-based learning, Breakout EDU, gamification, escape rooms


Game-based learning is becoming an increasingly popular pedagogical technique for providing engaging learning experiences for youth. The Breakout EDU platform provides an opportunity to bring game-based learning into formal and non-formal learning environments using an escape-room-like approach while teaching specific subject areas and building life skills. There are more than 1,500 ready-made games for teaching a variety of topic areas, from science and math to team building, in any learning context. It also provides resources and tools to support youth development professionals in creating their own games. This review provides an overview of Breakout EDU and its kit and digital platform components and offers considerations for youth development professionals.

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Rachel Bayer, University of Maryland Extension



Catherine Sorenson, University of Maryland Extension

Family and Consumer Sciences

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