Social and Emotional Learning in Practice: A Resource Review

Allison Riley


Youth programs are an important context for social and emotional learning (SEL). To maximize opportunities for the development of skills such as self-management, empathy, and goal setting, youth workers need resources to increase practices that support SEL. Social and Emotional Learning in Practice: A Toolkit of Practical Strategies and Resources, Second Edition is a compilation of tools, templates, and activities that youth development programs can use to (a) enhance staff knowledge of SEL, how their program supports SEL, and their own emotional intelligence; (b) establish expectations, give feedback, and integrate reflection; (c) integrate SEL into program activities; and (d) collect SEL data for improvement. The 149-page toolkit is grounded in the Ways of Being model and is also informed by youth workers and youth from a variety of organizations. This is a turnkey resource that will be useful to youth development workers with a range of goals from overhauling their approach to SEL to identifying one activity for a single day of programming. The 2nd edition includes new icebreaker activities, an SEL Superpowers Board Game, creative data collection strategies, a reading list, and more.


social and emotional learning; Ways of Being model

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