From 4-H International Youth Exchange to Global Citizen: Common Pathways of Ten Past Program Participants


  • Mary E. Arnold Oregon State University
  • Jamie Davis Oregon State University
  • Aimee L. Corliss Oregon State University



This qualitative study examined the life course of ten adults who participated as youth in the 4-H International Exchange program. The purpose of this research was to explore the pathways that led each participant to their exchange experience as a youth and how that experience set the stage for further development into an adulthood marked by cultural interest, awareness, competence and global citizenship. Using a grounded theory approach the data were analyzed through selective, open, and axial codings that elucidated a series of key events, opportunities, and qualities that form a common pathway among all participants. The results of this research contribute to the articulation of a theory of change upon which international youth exchange programs can be effectively developed and enhanced. Specific recommendations for international youth exchange programs are presented.






Research & Evaluation Studies