What Counts in After School? Findings from the Massachusetts Afterschool Research Study (MARS)

Beth M. Miller


This article discusses the Massachusetts Afterschool Research Study (MARS). Conducted during 2003-2005, MARS took an in-depth look at program structure and quality in 78 varied programs across Massachusetts, using data sources that included interviews with program directors, afterschool program site observations, school district student data, attendance data, and surveys with afterschool program staff, day school teachers, and afterschool program youth. The MARS study offers many useful insights into what afterschool programs look like, approaches to providing high quality experiences for youth, and the connections between high quality and improved outcomes for the young people attending these programs. The results may be useful to programs, policy makers, and others in the field by deepening our understanding of how youth participation leads to a variety of youth outcomes.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/jyd.2007.378

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