Hip-Hop Development™ Bridging the Generational Divide for Youth Development


  • P. Thandi Hicks Harper Youth Popular Cuture Institute, Inc.
  • Warren A. Rhodes Morgan State University
  • Duane E. Thomas The Pennsylvania State University
  • George Leary University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Sylvia L. Quinton, Esq. Strategic Community Services, Inc.




Hip-Hop culture in the lives of youth can not be ignored. This research is based on the premise that youth workers who expect ongoing successes must increase their Hip-Hop culture competence. The study examined the knowledge of and attitude towards Hip-Hop by educators who participated in a Hip-Hop 101 workshop. Their perceptions relevant to the importance of Hip-Hop awareness and application for positively influencing youth behaviors were also explored. Results revealed that workshop participants significantly increased their Hip-Hop knowledge. They also demonstrated significantly more favorable attitudes toward Hip-Hop and its use for youth development. Findings suggest that the workshop promoted an environment conducive to bridging the generation gap between youth who embrace Hip-Hop, and educators who have a less favorable view. This research provides insight into Hip-Hop Developmenttm as a core component for establishing the kinds of youth-adult partnerships necessary for today’s Hip-Hop generation’s self-growth, skill enhancement, and leadership development.






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