Resource Review—Using Qualtrics Core XM for Surveying Youth


  • Jennifer E. Cushman University of Connecticut
  • Miriah Russo Kelly University of Connecticut
  • Maryann Fusco-Rollins University of Connecticut
  • Ryan Faulkner University of Connecticut



program evaluation, digital surveys, Qualtrics, data analysis


Qualtrics software, a digital tool used for survey data collection and analysis, has become a commonly used technology in organizations around the country. Many educators are using this tool to collect, analyze, and communicate education, outreach, and engagement evaluation data in an efficient and effective way. In a youth development context, Qualtrics Core XM software can be used to design youth-focused digital surveys that are engaging and efficient, and it can help build program evaluation capacity. An assessment of some key functions of this tool and their applications to youth development program contexts is presented here.

Author Biographies

Jennifer E. Cushman, University of Connecticut

Department of Extension

Assistant Extension Educator 

Miriah Russo Kelly, University of Connecticut

Cooperative Extension System
Assistant Extension Educator

Maryann Fusco-Rollins, University of Connecticut

Department of Extension

Program Coordinator

Ryan Faulkner, University of Connecticut

Department of Extension

Academic Technician 


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