Book Review–Measure, Use, Improve! Data Use in Out-of-School Time


  • M. Maureen Toomey University of Idaho, 4-H Youth Development



out-of-school time, evaluation, continuous quality improvement, youth voice, staff development


Measure, Use, Improve! Data Use in Out-of-School Time offers out-of-school time (OST) professionals practical lessons and approaches to measurement and data use. Editors Christina A. Russell and Corey Newhouse assembled notable contributors who offer conversant perspectives on evaluation systems within diverse OST organizations. Its 4 thematic sections address issues and provide action-oriented solutions from OST programs, evaluation intermediaries, and funders. Key discussions across chapters include (a) moving forward using data to inform continuous quality improvement, (b) supporting youth development professionals, (c) ensuring equity and inclusion in the evaluation process, and (d) recognizing what it takes to move forward. 

Author Biography

M. Maureen Toomey, University of Idaho, 4-H Youth Development

Maureen Toomey, M.Ed. is an Area Extension Educator, Associate Professor of Healthy Living with the University of Idaho, Extension, 4-H Youth Development.  Toomey is an experienced youth development educator, directing the statewide 4-H healthy living program focused on nutrition, social well-being and physical health through building strong partnerships within and outside the university system. Toomey has over thirty years experience as a practitioner and director of afterschool programs.


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