Integrative Literature Review of Adolescent Risk and Health Compromising Behaviors Guided by the Problem Behavior Theory


  • Alice L. March The University of Alabama



Twenty percent of the world’s population is adolescents. Although generally healthy, risky behaviors result in premature death from injury and establish lifestyle choices which may give rise to poor health and disability during adult life. This integrative review presents the state of the literature related to adolescent health risk behaviors as framed by the problem behavior theory. The key word search using the databases of ERIC, CINAHL Plus with full text, PsycARTICLES, and PsycINFO yielded an internationally representative group of articles consistent with the guiding framework. Fifteen articles related to risk factors, protective factors, risk behaviors, and health-compromising behaviors of adolescents were retained from the past five years. Although the literature is replete with research involving adolescents, gaps are identified, and recommendations for future research are considered.






Research & Evaluation Studies