Developing a Common Evaluation Tool for Camps


  • Kendra M. Lewis University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Marianne Bird University of California Cooperative Extension
  • Tamekia Wilkins University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • John Borba University of California Cooperative Extension
  • Keith Nathaniel University of California Cooperative Extension
  • Emily Schoenfelder University of Illinois Extension



camp, 4-H, evaluation, common measure


Evaluation has become a standard for youth programming, to provide both evidence for improvement recommendations and an assessment of program outcomes. Having a common evaluation tool across programs (in this case, camps) is beneficial in aggregating measurements and understanding similarities and differences between programs. The purpose of this paper is to describe the process of working with the California 4-H Camping Advisory Committee to develop a common evaluation tool for all California 4-H camps, and to share initial findings from the instrument. We present results from two years of data collection, and the multiple uses of the findings.

Author Biography

Kendra M. Lewis, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Kendra is the Evaluation Coordinator for California 4-H. She coordinates the evaluation of statewide 4-H programming and builds the capacity of county 4-H staff to conduct evaluation on their programs.


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