The Impact of Beef Cattle Projects on Youth Leadership Life Skills Development

Brandon F. Walker, A. Christian Morgan, John C. Ricketts, Dennis W. Duncan


Highlights of a study designed to determine the leadership life skills development (YLLSD) of youth beef cattle exhibitors and to determine if there is a relationship between YLLSD and participation in the beef project are discussed in this paper. The study was conducted using a correlational, ex post facto design. A sample of 374 individuals was randomly selected from a population of 4,229 national junior cattle exhibitors of the National Junior Angus Association. The population frame consisted of junior members ages 18 to 21. Participants’ YLLSD scores ranged from 40 to 90 with a composite mean of 73.02. Significant relationships existed between YLLSD scores and shows per year, hours working with projects per week, and years of beef project exhibition.

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