An Exploratory Study of the Five Cs Model of Positive Youth Development Among Indiana 4-H Youth


  • Abby M. Robinson
  • Levon T. Esters Purdue University
  • Aryn Dotterer Purdue University
  • Renee McKee Purdue University
  • Mark Tucker Purdue University



The purpose of this study was to explore the levels of positive youth development (PYD) among Indiana 4-H club participants. Questionnaires were collected from a convenience sample of [State] youth (n = 453). Findings indicated that youth who participated in the 4-H program reported significantly higher total positive youth development than those who had never participated in 4-H. Youth who participated in the 4-H program also reported significantly higher scores on four of the Five Cs of PYD (Confidence, Connection, Character, and Caring). The findings of this study contribute to the Developmental Systems Theory by confirming the role that 4-H has in contributing to positive youth development. Recommendations are provided to guide future research related to the Five Cs aspect of positive youth development among 4-H youth.






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