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Sabatelli, Ronald M., University of Connecticut
Sabatelli, Ronald M., University of Conneticut
Sadun, Rebecca, Duke University Medical Center (United States)
Sagers, Stephen, Utah State University Extension
Saito, Rebecca N., University of Minnesota Extension
Sallee, Jeff, Oklahoma State University
Sánchez-Navarro, Jordi, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Sanders, Karen Eley, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Sanderson, Jessica A., University of Conneticut
Saxe, Amy M., Michigan State University
Schaller, Amy, University of Arizona
Scheer, Scott D.
Scheer, Scott D., The Ohio State University
Scheve, Julie A., Girls Scouts of the Sierra Nevada
Schlomer, Gabriel L., University of Arizona
Schmid, Kristina L., Tufts University
Schmitt-McQuitty, Lynn
Schneider, Ruth, Indiana University
Scholl, Jan, Pennsylvania State University
Scholl, Jan, Penn State University
Scholl, Jan, The Pennsylvania State University
Scholl, Jan F., The Pennsylvania State University
Schreiber, Debera, Oregon State University Extension Service
Schwab, Keri A., California Polytechnic State University
Schwartz, Jessamy, University of Minnesota Duluth
Schwartz, Kerry, University of Arizona
Schwartz, Stuart E., National University
Scott, Abbie, Iowa State University
Scott, Denis, West Virginia University
Scribner-O'Pray, Emily, Hennepin County (United States)
Seevers, Brenda S., New Mexico State University
Seibold, Sheri, University of Illinois Extension
Sendowski, Mya, Duke University Medical Center (United States)
Serfustini, Ellen, Utah State University, Carbon County
Shannon, Charlene S., University of New Brunswick
Shapiro, Valerie B., University of California, Berkeley (United States)
Sharps, Gina, West Virginia University Health Sciences Center
Shaykis, Fred, Princeton University
Shea, Michael P., SMARTRISK
Sheehan, Trisha, University of Minnesota Extension
Sheel, Julia, McGill University
Shellman, Amy, SUNY Corland
Shellman, Amy, State University of New York at Cortland
Sheppard, Adam C., University of California, Irvine
Sherwood, Terra, Tooele City Youth Services
Shilts, Mical Kay, California State University, Sacramento
Shilts, Mical Kay, California State University Sacramento
Shooter, Wynn, Monash University
Shutt, Gene, North Carolina State University
Sibthorp, Jim, University of Utah
Silliman, Ben, North Carolina State University
Silliman, Benjamin, North Carolina State University
Simmons, L. K., The George Washington University
Simpkins, Sandra D., Arizona State University & University of California, Irvine
Simpkins, Sandra D., Arizona State University
Sinatra, Richard, St. John’s University
Skiles, Brittany, University of South Carolina
Skogrand, Linda, Utah State University
Skuza, Jennifer A., Univeristy of Minnesota
Slate, John R., Sam Houston State University
Smashnaya, Sviatlana, Wellesley College
Smith, Amy K., Michigan State University
Smith, Carole, Oregon State University Extension Service
Smith, Chris, W.E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center at Smith Mountain Lake
Smith, Donna R., University of Kentucky
Smith, Dorothy, Univeristy of California Cooperative Extension
Smith, Julianne, University of California, Davis
Smith, Justen, Utah State University
Smith, Justen O., Utah State University
Smith, Marilyn, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Smith, Matthew Lee, Texas A&M University
Smith, Ronald E., University of Washington
Smith, Suzanna, University of Florida
Smith Jr., Maurice D., Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education Pennsylvania State University
Smoll, Frank L., University of Washington
Smothers, Anthony, Office of Academic Advising, University of Northern Iowa
Snider, Colin L., School of Public Health – Bloomington Indiana University
Sojo-Lara, G., The George Washington University
Sorensen, Carl, University of South Carolina
Soule, Katherine, California Polytechnic State University
Soule, Katherine E., University of California, Cooperative Extension
Spassiani, Natasha A., University of Illinois at Chicago
Spence, Marsha, The University of Tennessee
Spinner, David, McGill University
Stacey, Danielle C., Tufts University (United States)
Stair, Kristin S., Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation, Louisiana State University
Stair, Kristin S., New Mexico State University
Stark, Carrie, University of Idaho Extension
Stavrianeas, Stasinos, Willamette University
Stedman, Nicole L.P., University of Florida
Stedman, Nicole L. P., University of Florida
Stephens, Carrie A., Department of 4-H Youth Development, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications, The University of Tennessee
Steven M. Worker, Steven M., University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Stiles, Sandy, University of Illinois Extension
Stokes, Shante, University of Maryland Extension
Stone, Barbara, USDA
Stone, Garrett A., College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences, Clemson University
Stone, Margaret, University of Arizona
Strieter, Linda, Rutgers Cooperative Rsearch & Extension
Stripling, Christopher T., Department of 4-H Youth Development, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications, The University of Tennessee
Sturgill, Ronda, University of Tampa
Su, Shaobing, Tufts University
Sulivan, E. Michelle, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Sullivan, Nancy E., Memorial University of Newfoundland
Sullivan, Theresa K., Search Institute
Suresky, M. Jane, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Case Western Reserve University
Sutherland, Kevin S.
Suyundikov, Anvar, Utah State University
Swedeen, Beth, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Swisher, Marilyn, University of Florida

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