Successful Use of eXtension and Online Training Modules in Mandatory Biennial Volunteer Recertification

Wendy Hein, Trisha White, Janaleen Williams


Quality volunteers are essential to the success of 4-H programs. Although much attention has been paid to the initial orientation of volunteers, additional training is typically optional. Beginning in 2013, our county required all adult volunteers to complete at least one hour of continuing education as part of a biennial recertification process. We used existing resources (“eLearning for Volunteer Orientation”; eXtension webinars).  There was no significant difference in volunteer retention between re-screening and non-re-screening cohorts (p=.855). We collected 166 volunteer ratings of 23 recorded webinars on eXtension. Volunteers gave concrete examples of how they would use the information learned in their volunteer role.

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